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Your grinder, your name

Make history with Eureka

Choose the name of 100th Anniversary grinder and join the contest.

At the Host Milan show we have introduced the “100th Anniversary grinder”, futuristic product featured of unique technologies for premium baristas, that will be available in 2020.

Do you want to celebrate with us?

We can tell you how: this coffee grinder, unique and revolutionary in terms of performance, has not a name yet, and we would like you to choose it.

For this we have created Choose my name: fill the form that you find below and write down your name proposal.

The one who will suggest us the best name before January 12th will win an exclusive Eureka experience, besides becoming the “godparent” of this new product: Eureka will indeed advertise on its social media pages the paternity of the chosen name (please click here and check the official rules).

Here’s some advice to take some inspiration from:

  • The coffee grinder is equipped with the most advanced technologies, like the automatic recognition of the filter holder and the electronic adjustment position of the burrs (both of them patent pending), which ease the usability and maximize the performance of the product, ensuring a rightful place among the top of the range in the coffee grinding sector.
  • High-resolution touch screen display combined with an IoT System that can be remotely managed by a smartphone app, which allows easy performance analysis and ensure the proper functioning of the product.
  • A coffee grinder characterized by an exceptional silent grinding, maximum dispersion speed and extremely low retention of the ground coffee. These leading-edge features are enhanced by a unique Italian design and ensured by built in-house mechanics of highest quality.